You won't believe, Hilarious observation from SRK's "Main Hoon Na song"

If you have watched “Main Hoon Na” then you would definitely know the song, Yeh Fizaayen, it is at end of the film. It's basically a happy climax song. However, at the beginning of the song, there's a man who can be seen reading a dummy newspaper, the front page of which featured an article on Suniel Shetty’s character Ex-Major Raghavan Singh Dutta in the film. Well, it's this newspaper that is now doing rounds on the internet,17 years after the film was released.

The text on the article was about Raghavan Singh Dutta. A social media user recently has zoomed the paper to see what exactly is written on the page and it's hilarious how the writer has actually expressed his sheer displeasure about writing it. The text starts with "Raghavan was a well-known anti-Islamic militant" before leading to the writer's dismay, "I seriously don't know why I am typing this because no one is going to be able to read this through the camera but I guess I have no choice. You see the thing is that the colors don’t seem to match so I basically have to type this whole thing out. I am thinking of handing over this honorable job to my two hardworking colleagues, Vikram Gupta and Vaibhav Misra."

Social Media users cannot stop laughing ever since they came across this amusing doing on the internet. Here check out the song and the newspaper clipping that's now going viral.

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