Youth hangs himself in ministry premises, Dr Raman asks CM Baghel this question
Youth hangs himself in ministry premises, Dr Raman asks CM Baghel this question

Raipur: Former Chhattisgarh CM Dr Raman Singh has slammed the hanging of a person on the ministry premises. He wrote on his Twitter account- 'Again an unemployed committed suicide! Shameless and insensitive Bhupesh government is still engaged in poor performance of lowest unemployment! What happened to the promise of regularization? What happened to 5 lakh jobs? What happened to the unemployment allowance? Is the Chief Minister can hear and see or not?

Let us tell you that a daily wage worker committed suicide in Raipur. On Tuesday, he committed suicide at Ministery Complex in Nava Raipur. Due to this death of the employee, there is anger in the organizations of daily wage workers. The employee who was a victim of retrenchment was troubled by unemployment and for this reason, he has given his life. The name of the employee who committed suicide was Yogesh Wankhede and he was a resident of Bhilai. Dr. Raman Singh has targeted the Bhupesh government over the claim of the lowest unemployment rate in Chhattisgarh and the suicide of daily wage workers.

The other daily wage workers of the ministry got the news of Yogesh's death through social media, after which all the employees gathered at one place and started shouting slogans. After the arrival of the police, all were sent to their departments. Daily wage workers were demanding investigation and action against the culprits. TI Laxmi Jaiswal of Rakhi police station said that the police will interrogate the miscreants of the Food Department in this suicide case. The matter is being investigated.

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