YouTube 4K video support goes official for all Android devices

Feb 23 2021 04:56 PM
YouTube 4K video support goes official for all Android devices

YouTube has launched a new update that will provide users the option that will give them a good experience while streaming video. The online video-sharing platform will allow users to stream 4K/60p videos on any device, even if its display is not an Ultra HD one. 

After the launch of this feature, users noted that they now had the option of selecting 4K video playback even though their devices lacked a 4K display. Though the video lover will not get the same visual quality that they would get with a higher-resolution screen, those who have lesser display resolutions will still benefit from turning on the 4K video option.

A Full HD+ phone,  should still provide a better visual experience compared to watching a 1080p video, though, the best experience would obviously come with having a 4K device. This feature seems to be available specifically on the Android app, though it is unknown if all low-resolution devices have access to the 4K video playback or if it is still limited to Full HD / Full HD+ screens.

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