Steve Currington spills the beans on the highs and lows of content creation on Youtube
Steve Currington spills the beans on the highs and lows of content creation on Youtube

Stephen Currington, who goes by the name Steve, has channeled his automotive passion to youtube, providing action packed content during off-hours and weekends. Using multiple high end cameras he records himself and posts the videos to his YouTube channel, Lambrosteve, which has gained more than 30,000 subscribers and generated millions of video views in the past 3 months.

Driving Lamborghinis is an expensive hobby, but in Currington's case, the Lime Green Lamborghini Huracan pays for itself. On 20 March of this year, Lambrosteve neared a milestone when a video of him interacting with police surpassed 3 million views.

You’ve heard this when you were a kid. Work hard and you can achieve anything you want.'' Well, that's exactly what these supercar owners did. Lavish mansions, exotic cars and expensive watches, these opportunists look like they have it all. But do they?

Supercar owners are now taking to youtube, Lambrosteve, an up and coming youtuber who started his channel in 2018 is one those creators. Steve Currington known as Lambosteve on social media has gained over 30,000 subscribers and 50,000 instagram followers in the past 3 months due to his entertaining and controversial videos that show the real side of supercar ownership. Frequent confrontations with police and bystanders almost make it seem that owning a supercar is not worth the trouble. But Currington takes the whole thing in good humor and manages to still enjoy and share his exotic car experience with his fans.

Raw and unfiltered one can only assume Lambosteve is cocky with attitude but he seems to keep himself composed in light of being put in uncomfortable situations.

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