YouTube's "Go Live Together" feature now allows creators to co-stream

USA: YouTube introduced the "Go Live Together" feature, which enables two users to livestream simultaneously, in November of last year. The feature is currently being widely rolled out to iOS and Android devices. The ability to invite a guest to go live with them is available to creators with at least 50 subscribers. Currently, the feature is only accessible through the mobile YouTube app.

To prevent its creators from switching to other platforms like TikTok, YouTube has been taking action. The platform recently changed its procedure for compensating Shorts creators from ad revenue. Another action to make YouTube more appealing to creators is the introduction of "Go Live Together." It will make it simple for artists from different parts of the world to collaborate.

The creator must have at least 50 subscribers in order to use "Go Live Together." Only one visitor may be hosted by a creator at any given time. However, the hosts will have the choice to switch up the guests while the stream is still going. Any YouTube user can be invited to co-stream since guests, unlike hosts, do not require 50 subscribers.

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The host and guest must download the YouTube mobile app and connect to the scheduled stream; creators can schedule livestreams from YouTube on the desktop. Creators can instantly go live from their smartphones. Possibly soon, the mobile-only experience will also be available on desktop.
YouTube stated that it is "still exploring" the option of integrating desktop support.

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You can co-stream by going to the YouTube app and tapping the bottom-right "+" (create) button. 'Go Live Together' will be one of the pop-up menu options. After choosing that, you can fill in the necessary information and click "Done." Send the visitor the invite link at this time. Press "Add" when the visitor enters the waiting area. Then select "Go Live."

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Tap the link the host sent you if you want to watch a stream as a guest. Now pick the channel on which you want to go live. Tap "Join" to enter the waiting area when prompted. You go live when the host adds you. Two feeds will appear vertically stacked in the stream, with the creator's feed at the top and the guest's feed at the bottom.

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