Zeenat Aman wears the 'scarecrow chic' style in the recent pics
Zeenat Aman wears the 'scarecrow chic' style in the recent pics

Zeenat Aman, a veteran performer whose Instagram presence has captured everyone's attention, has revealed her ideas on fashion in her newest post. The actress penned a lengthy letter on having fun with clothes and not limiting it to phrases like'sexy' and 'glamour.' She also showed off her outfit from a shoot, which she characterized as'scarecrow chic.' 

Zeenat uploaded a few photos of herself from the latest session, wearing an enormous white shirt and black pants. The actress stated that she is tired of hearing the words 'bombshell' and 'diva' associated to fashion all the time and wants to refocus the 'focus on fun.'

In the Instagram caption she wrote, "The kids came up with a concept, I agreed to be their clothes horse, and now I must confess I had a blast!
"Fashion can be intimidating and let’s be honest, it’s usually geared towards being ‘sexy’. That’s certainly been my experience of it. I’ve heard the words “diva”, “bombshell” and “glamour” enough to never need to hear them again in my life!
"So now, I focus on fun. Sexy is great and you bet I can still deliver, but fashion should also be light, goofy, comfy and experimental, don’t you think? In fact, let’s call this look scarecrow chic! 
"This entire test shoot was conceptualised and executed by a vibrant team of young technicians. Thank you kids for the good times!"

Fans commented on her post, One said, "How much fun n inspiration u r to me as I being the actor and then I can relate to you in so many ways..that's simply marvellous..adore you to the core...the way you use the language is I m more intrigued with ur sense of fashion and look towards life..love you mam." Another fan wrote, "Scarecrow chic is fab!"

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