Zuber Hashmi a versatile Singer, Musician in Bollywood with Melody and Charm.

Mar 02 2021 10:54 AM
Zuber Hashmi a versatile Singer, Musician in Bollywood with Melody and Charm.

Juber Alam alias or as popularly known as Zuber Hashmi is a known singer & musician in the Bollywood who is more known as a versatile singer rather than a single tone singer or musician. Zuber Hashmi has expertise in classical and semi classical forms of singing. His association with singing has been from long ever since he was young. Thanks to the exposure he got from his father who is a known singer and teacher. While he tutored singing from different mentors like and knowing singing experts like Padmabhusan Ustad Abdul Rasheed Khan and Ustad Gulshan Bharti along with many more musicians. Zuber Hashmi was also the finalist for Rising Star Season 3. 

Coming from a musical family based in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Zuber Hashmi has been the pride of his state. Thanks to his beautiful singing style and versatility in music that makes him competitive in different genres like folk songs, Thumri, Dadra and Ghazals to name a few. However, he is more popular in Bollywood than on stage and other places as he is competent enough to sing a wide range of singing styles for different stars and movies.  

Before getting into playback singing in Bollywood, Zuber Hashmi also participated in all the known reality shows and impressed many of his judges with his incredible singing styles. These include the DD National show Bharat Ki Shaan and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa at Zee TV. These shows helped him gain a good exposure in the industry and get the opportunity of entering B Town. The singer has gained a strong place in the industry and has come a long way in carving his niche hard in the industry. He also travels a lot for his live performances both in India and abroad. He had his shows in cities like Paris, London and in countries like Israel.  

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