Feel proud of being a Hindi Speaker, know some interesting facts

Jul 23 2020 02:07 PM
Feel proud of being a Hindi Speaker, know some interesting facts

Hindi is the pride of crores of Indians. Hindi is not limited to India, it is found in many countries of the world. Today let's introduce you to some such things related to Hindi which will make you feel proud about being a Hindi speaker.

10 things related to Hindi

- The first book in Hindi has the status of Prem Sagar, a book based on Shri Krishna written by Lallu Lal. He wrote it in the year 1805.

- Words like Guru, Jungle, Karma, Yoga, Bangla, Cheetah, Loot, Thugs and Avatars are derived from Hindi in English.

-Hindi is taught in a total of 176 universities of the world, the special thing is that 45 of these universities are located in America. Every day more than 25 letters and magazines are released in Hindi.

-About 600 million people speak and write Hindi all over the world.

-Among the most spoken languages in the world, the name Hindi is also included prominently.

-Hindi is also seen on the Internet. 7 such languages in the world, which are used to make web addresses, one of them is also Hindi. The popularity of our official language Hindi is so high that the demand for Hindi content on the Internet increasing every year.

- Hindi was given the status of official language in 1949.

-On 14 September 1953, Hindi Diwas was celebrated for the first time. It was announced by the then PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

-Due to the existence of Hindi globally, January 10 is celebrated as World Hindi Day every year.

- The Hindi language is spoken in more than 20 countries abroad. These countries mainly include the United States, Mauritius, South Africa, Yemen, Uganda, Singapore, Nepal, New Zealand, Germany and Pakistan.

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