2021 Zero FXE Electric Motorcycle Unveiled, Soon To Launch

Jul 20 2021 06:04 PM
2021 Zero FXE Electric Motorcycle Unveiled, Soon To Launch

California-based Zero has unveiled the style with a one-off new electric motorcycle, called the Zero FXE. The bike shares a somewhat similar design with the off-road-oriented Zero FX, but with a more premium design, the result of the brand's cooperation with San Francisco-based HUGE Design. The report suggests that the bike will be available on sale sometime in September 2021. The Zero FXE will be priced at around approximately ₹ 8.85 in the US when it goes on sale.

The Zero FXE again included many of its details with the Zero FXS. The bike comes with an interior permanent magnet electric motor with 46 bhp and peak torque of 106 Nm in a kerb weight of just 135 kg. The bike has a claimed top speed of 137 kmph, and has 160 km range in city riding speeds, dropping to around 80 km at around 90 kmph, and 65 km at 110 kmph.

Let's also inform you that the direct-drive "Z-Force 75-5" motor and the 7.2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack sit inside the aluminium frame, and the FXE comes with an on-board three-pin charger which allows 0 to 100 per cent charge in 9.7 hours.

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