This terrible terrorist is not in the black list of UN

According to a special report of the United Nations, many dreaded terrorist organizations are being led by Pakistani citizens. According to the report, their names have not yet been put on the black list. In the Indian subcontinent, terrible terrorist groups like Al Qaeda (AQIS), Levant-Khorasan (ISIL-K) and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Islamic State in Iraq are operating in Pakistan.

ISIS has appeared in the United Nations Security Council involving Al Qaeda and its people and institutions. In which the analysis of these Pakistani terrorists has been discussed in the 26th report of the monitoring team of the analytical assistance and sanctions of these parties. The report said that ISIL-K chief Aslam Farooqui, his predecessor Zia-ul-Haq and others were detained by Afghan soldiers in a nationwide campaign.

Farooqui Kabul Gurdwara, who lived in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, was the mastermind of the terror attack. 25 Sikh devotees were killed in this horrific attack, but the 1267 Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council has not yet put its name on the black list. Similarly, Haq is also a Pakistani citizen, and his name is also not in the black list. The current AQIS handler is not named in the black list. Al-Qaeda (AQIS) in the Indian subcontinent operates from Afghanistan's Nimruz, Helmand and Kandahar regions under the Taliban, and its current mentor is Pak-born Osama Mahmud. Mehmood has also not been put on the black list under the Security Council sanctions. Mahmud has succeeded Asim Umar.

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