Suddenly 3 day old girl started trying to walk, people were surprised to see the video

Babies usually learn to turn around within 3 months of birth and walk within 6 months to a year. In such a situation, it is not easy to describe in words the feeling of parents seeing them walking for the first time. But the child who is being discussed these days started walking in just 3 days, not a few months. In fact, when a 3-day-old girl tried to turn and crawl on the hospital bed, people were surprised.  

The video of this girl has also gone viral on social media. The shocking case has come from America, where a woman named Samantha Mitchell said that her daughter has been trying to raise her head and crawl since birth. "I feel like my daughter was never a newborn. "When I saw her try to walk for the first time, I was taken aback. I have never seen a 3-day-old baby walk like this. "When this happened, only my mother was with me in the hospital room and she asked me to record a video of it or else no one would believe me. My fiancé was also not there and if she didn't show him the video, he wouldn't believe it either."

Talking about the video, the child is seen turning on the bed of Nyilah Daise Hospital and trying to move forward. In the video, mitshel's mother can also be heard screaming in surprise. Mitshall said that this video is old and now her daughter is 3 months old. It is amazing that she is standing up with support at such a young age. This is also not common at all. Now this video is becoming fiercely viral.

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