5 people died due to flu vaccine, ban on vaccination

Five people have lost their lives after applying the flu vaccine in South Korea. Officials say that these deaths have taken place in the last few weeks. After this, many questions are arising regarding the security of the vaccine. However, the officers also say that the deaths have been caused by the vaccine, there is not enough logic to believe that, but the investigation of the cases is still going on. Currently, the vaccination program has been suspended. Health minister Kim Gang Lip of South Korea has said that the dead include a 17-year-old youth and a 70-year-old aged man.

The National Vaccine Program has resumed in South Korea just a few weeks ago. The news of the deaths after the vaccination was prominently published in the South Korean media. The 17-year-old boy died on Friday. He has given the flu vaccine two days ago. The aged over 70 years old had other diseases including Parkinson. He died on Wednesday, a day after the introduction of the vaccine.

Due to COVID-19, the vaccination program for flu in many countries has been affected. UK health experts believe that in addition to COVID-19, flu is also a major crisis for the country. South Korean officials said that 20% more flu vaccine has been demanded this year than last year so that more people can be given vaccines.

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