7 years' sentence for having sex... this is Qatar's 'Sharia Law'

Doha: Football fans beware, if caught having any kind of extramarital sex during the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar could lead to a jail term of up to seven years. In fact, the Football World Cup is to be played in November this year, which qatar is hosting. At the same time, the Islamic country Qatar has imposed a number of restrictions on alcohol and sex during the FIFA World Cup in view of sharia law.

According to media reports, unless you are coming to the Islamic country of Qatar as a husband and wife team, you have to stay away from sex. In such a situation, there will definitely be no one-night stand during this event. There will be no party where singles can meet others. Just months before the World Cup, Qatar has given an open warning to football fans that if caught in a one-night stand in this year's World Cup, you may have to be behind bars for seven years. In fact, Qatar is strict about its Islamic laws and regulations, and there are many strict rules about sex.  

It is illegal to have sex with anyone other than husband and wife, even if it is done by the will of both, there are still provisions for strict punishment. So if the singles coming to Qatar during the FIFA World Cup are found having sex with someone, they can be arrested by the police and sent to jail. Even if you are in a homosexual relationship, strict action can be taken against you under sharia law. Overall, this year's World Cup is essentially a mandatory illegal sex ban for the first time.

Let us know that sex and homosexuality outside marriage is also illegal for its citizens in Qatar. There are already fans with different surnames who are not even given the hotel room. Nasir al-Khatar, CEO of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, said: "The safety of every single fan is very important to us. Here in the open, even husband and wife cannot express any kind of love, because it is not a part of our culture. Qatar is a conservative country and if you are coming here, you have to follow its strict rules. '

At the same time, some media reports have quoted Qatar Football Association General Secretary Mansour Al Ansari as saying that it is also being considered to ban rainbow flags during the World Cup in Qatar. "If you want to have your view of LGBT, then showcase it in a society where it is accepted. There is no place for this in Qatar. '

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