73rd Republic Day parade: Rich folk art handicraft shine in Karnatakas tableau

New Delhi: This year's Republic Day parade tableau for Karnataka was titled "The Cradle of Traditional Handicrafts."Because 16 objects have a Global Indicator (GI) Tag, Karnataka is known as the cradle of traditional handicrafts. The charm of handcrafted artisanal goods, from skilfully manufactured pots to precisely sculpted sandalwood miniatures to hand woven sarees, is their originality.

Inlay carvings, bronze statues, lacquerware toys from Channanpatna, Kinhal, and Bidriware are all popular Karnataka crafts. Karnataka is known for its terracotta, Sandalwood carving, and ivory carving.

The Karnataka State Handicrafts Development Corporation (KSHDC) has partnered with an e-commerce company to help 55,000 artists gain access to a wider market.In the front portion of the Karnataka Tableau, there is Mysore Rosewood ivory inlay. Bidriware, Kinhala craft, Bronze Statues, Lacquerware toys from Channapatna, wood carving, and pottery are on display in the centre section.

Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya, the mother of traditional handicrafts, is located in the rear area. Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya, a Karnataka native who was a freedom warrior, actress, social activist, and art aficionado all rolled into one, was instrumental in restoring ancient handicrafts that were on the edge of extinction.

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