8-Year-Old Girl Shot While Doing Homework
8-Year-Old Girl Shot While Doing Homework

Washington: In the last few days, the cases of crime has been increasing all over the world. At the same time, the case of the loss of lives of people is constantly increasing, with which fear is increasing in the hearts and minds of the common people. Not only this, in the midst of these crimes, there is only one question in everyone's mind, whether we are safe or not in our homes today. At the same time, today we have brought a similar case for you, after hearing that you will get shocked.

A strange case has come to light in Northwest Indiana, USA, where an eight-year-old girl was doing homework while sitting in her house and suddenly someone opened fire outside her house, after which the girl was injured and taken to the hospital. In this incident, the girl is shot in the head and she has suffered a serious injury.

East Chicago Police Deputy Chief Jose Rivera said preliminary investigations have revealed that someone opened fire outside the girl's home and a bullet hit the girl's head piercing the wall of the house. Rivera said that the police did not believe that the girl was targeted. At present, the matter is being investigated as to who is behind this incident and whether anyone really wanted to kill the girl or accidentally shot, which has caught the girl. Treatment of the girl child continues, but nothing can be said.

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