Designer duo of Padmavati opens up on the unfortunate incident
Designer duo of Padmavati opens up on the unfortunate incident

One more attack happened to the set of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati. A mob of around 20 people attacked the set and set on fire. 

The incident took place near Kolhapur. Designer pair Rimple and Harpreet Narula who are designing costumes for the film said, "Something so unfortunate has happened because of illiteracy in our country. There is so much hard work that was put into making the clothes. We will work day and night and make up for the damages, but morally we are very low. We are broken sentimentally. For creative people like me, Harpreet and Mr. Bhansali, it is very shocking." 

Rimple also quipped, "The CEO and Mr. Bhansali have released so many statements saying that there is nothing in the film which is distorting history. But still, some sections don’t understand." 

Added by her, "There has been a huge monetary loss. Almost all the junior actors’ costumes have been burned to ashes. As far as seniors are concerned, I am yet to get a check on that. I am unable to contact too many people because the network is bad in Kolhapur." 

She also said, "Mr. Bhansali was recuperating from the Jaipur incident and then this happened. He held himself strong and continued this shoot. He never anticipated something like this to happen."

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