Do probiotics cause Brain Fog?

Aug 09 2018 02:34 PM
Do probiotics cause Brain Fog?

Brain Fog, a mental condition that leads to confusion and lack of concentration on work has become a quite common issue talking about the recent reports. As per the studies made regarding the same, Brain fog was most commonly seen in people who consumed probiotics.

Probiotics that are considered very beneficial for our metabolism, especially digestion contain bacteria. These bacterias, on coming in contact with the food, break the sugar present inside it into D lactic acid. This acid hence causes gas and various other issues, out of which, brain fog is a common thing.

When surveys were conducted regarding the same, it was found that Brain fog was not a casual issue. Out of the people who suffered from it, many reached such a bad state that they had to leave their jobs. They couldn’t work, the lack of concentration became a prominent barrier to their careers.

Well, this disease is completely curable and can be cured by prescribing antibiotics to the patient and stopping the consumption of probiotics.

In spite of taking these probiotics, you can try certain home remedies for improving your digestion and hence the metabolism.

A natural way to approach a healthy state is always better than an artificial one.

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