This road to Varanasi will be developed on the lines of 'London Street', center approves the construction

Dec 07 2017 10:42 AM
This road to Varanasi will be developed on the lines of 'London Street', center approves the construction

Kashi Nagari could not be made beautiful, but the most prominent Godavalia-Dashashmandh Marg has now been started to develop on the lines of London Street. A major scheme has been approved by the Ministry of Tourism of the Central Government in this direction.

According to the proposal of the center, there will be several other arrangements including carved railings, beautiful lights, water vending machines on the Godavaliya-Dashashmandh road. For the glimpse of Kashi's rich heritage, all these facilities will be developed with timber and special stones. 

About this, Avinash Chandra Mishra, joint director of the tourism department, told that the highest number of tourists coming to Benaras go through Dashashmeshwar Ghat via the Gondola intersection. This is where the journey of Ganga Ghats is started. On the Dashashmandh Ghat, thousands of people gather daily in the evening to see the Ganga Aarti. 
In view of this, the Ministry has approved the proposals to develop world-class tourist facilities by developing the Gondola-Dashashmandh Marg from Ganga coast studying all aspects. 

About 40 crore rupees will be spent on this scheme approved by the Center. Along with this, there is also a plan to construct Dashashmesh Ghat Shire Shopping Plaza. He said that the picture will change in six months when the money starts releasing until the month of December. 

Ganga coast will go through the PRASAD (Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augmentation Drive) and Swadesh Darshan scheme of the Ministry of Tourism, a special kind of light will be installed on the ghats, which will shine in the darkness of the night. There is also a plan for an extension of facilities on the ghats. About 10 million rupees will be spent on this. According to the joint director of the tourism department, the approval of the laser show on the eighth floor has also been approved. With this plan of eight crore, the story of Varanasi and Ganges can be extended to the people.

The royal, 40-seater cruise will be prepared at a cost of 12 crores in such a way that it will give the tourists a chance to enjoy special dishes and music with information about Banaras culture-history and its grandeur. 
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