A Diwali to Remember: Employees Rewarded with Tata Punch Vehicles by Haryana Pharma Company

Chandigarh: Employees at MitsKart were pleasantly surprised when the owner, MK Bhatia, of a pharmaceutical company based in Haryana, bestowed brand new Tata Punch cars upon 12 of his dedicated staff members as Diwali gifts. A video capturing this heartwarming gesture went viral on social media.

MK Bhatia's decision to reward his employees with these generous gifts stemmed from his deep appreciation of their unwavering dedication and hard work. He expressed profound respect for their commitment, which has significantly contributed to the success of Mits Healthcare, the company he established several years ago.

As the festive spirit of Diwali filled the air, MK Bhatia's pre-Diwali gifts infused an extra layer of joy and celebration into the workplace. What sets MK Bhatia apart as an employer is his unique approach to his employees. He views them not merely as staff members but as celebrities and stars.

Bhatia shared, "Some time ago when our team was growing, I told my employees that they were no less than stars. We made rapid growth thereafter. We wanted to make them feel like celebrities. Everyone is a celebrity in my company."

In recognition of the pivotal role played by his employees in the company's journey, MK Bhatia decided to honor 12 of them with cars. These cars are symbolic tokens of gratitude for their dedication, unwavering honesty, and trustworthiness that have greatly contributed to the success and growth of the company. He further revealed his plans to extend this heartwarming gesture to an additional 38 employees.

Shilpa, one of the fortunate employees who has been with the company for eight years, expressed her joy, saying, "I have completed eight years here. I am very happy. When I joined eight years ago, our director used to say that he wanted to gift cars to his team. That dream has been fulfilled today."

The car gifts were presented approximately a month ago, although they gained significant attention and recognition this month. MK Bhatia clarified that the timing of this generous gesture coincided with Diwali, but it had not been specifically planned as a Diwali gift.

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