Patna: 10 people missing as uncontrolled jeep falls into Ganga

Apr 23 2021 12:11 PM
Patna: 10 people missing as uncontrolled jeep falls into Ganga

Patna: On the one hand, the corona epidemic has created havoc in the country, while on the other hand, people are being killed prematurely in accidents. Big news is coming from Patna, the capital of Bihar, where a jeep has fallen into the River Ganga at Pipapul in Danapur. According to the information received, at least 15 passengers were present in the jeep, out of which 5 have been rescued while 10 people are still said to be missing.

The administration is conducting a search operation for the missing persons. After receiving the information, the administration team has reached the spot and started relief and relief work. At the same time, a large crowd of locals has also gathered. The construction of Pipapul is said to have been wrongly done by the contractors. Trains always slip here because of the climb. All the occupants of the jeep are residents of Akilpur.

Among those said to be missing is Ramakant Singh, wife Geeta Devi, Arvind Singh, Umakant Singh's wife, Anuragon Devi grandson 14, Saroj Devi among others. Local divers have reached the spot to remove the jeep. The jeep on which people were riding was also said to be dilapidated.

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