Special-Chemistry Questions For Preparing Competitive Exams
Special-Chemistry Questions For Preparing Competitive Exams

If you have participated in the competitive examination, you must have seen that many questions related to Chemistry come. So let's now prepare and get success soon.

1. What is the chemical name of laughing gas? —Nitrusoxi
2. Give an example of light gas from the air? —Hydrogen
3. Name the heavy gas from the air? —Carbon dioxide
4. Which gas mainly consists of cow dung? —Mithane
5. Which gases are in cooking gas? - Propane, butane

6. The shining and the material used in matches is- Phosphorus
7. Who is said to be the most intelligent organism after humans? - Dolphin
8. What are Bamboo? - Grass
9. Which gas is used to cook fruits? - Acetylene

10. What is the deficiency of the disease named Goitre? - Iodine
11. 'Which method is used to determine the age of fossils? - Carbon dating method
12. Which divers mix the gases with the gases? —Oxygen and helium
13. Which gas receipt in the Bhopal gas accident? —Methyl isocyanate
14. The purest form of water is? - Rain water.

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