A Look at the General Knowledge Question Book

For the preparation of general knowledge questions asked in SSC, PSC and state level exams starting in the coming days, read these questions that will help you succeed, you must have seen in any competitive exam. Many questions of general knowledge are often asked.

Which virus causes swine flu?
Answer H1N1

Which sugar bowl of the world is called which nation?
North cuba

What is the longest river in the world?
North Nile Africa Mahadeep

Which lake is the world's salt water lake?
North Warne Lake which is located in Turkey.

Which is the highest mountain peak in the world?
North Everest 8848 m elevation (Himalaya Mountains)

Which is the coldest place in the world?
North Varkyonsk (Siberia)

Which is the largest island in the world?
North Green Land

Which river of the world receives the most water in the sea?
North Amazon (South America)

Which country is known as the country of the rising sun?
North Japan (Nippon)

Which is the largest ocean in the world?
North pacific ocean

Who founded the Red Cross?
Answer John Henry Durrant

Which country is called the sun of half night?
North Norway (Europe)

Which country in the world first gave women the right to vote?
North new zealand

Who discovered Australia?
Answer James Cook

(UNO) stands for
United Nations Organization United Nations Organization

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