The Mughal emperor who spent 15 years in exile.
The Mughal emperor who spent 15 years in exile.

Which country is the largest continent in the world?
North Asia

China is located in which direction of Assam?

When was the atomic bomb dropped on Japan?
Answer. In 1945

04. What are the plants born in salt water called?
north. lophytes

05. Who presides over the sittings of rajya sabha?
Answer. Vice President

Who discovered the sea route to India?
Answer. Vasco-di-Gama

07. What is the gene made of?
north. from DNA.

08. Which line is parallel to the equator?
north latitude

09. Which is the reproductive organ of the plant?
north. flower

Which is the world's largest wall?
The Great Wall of China (Wall of China)

11. Khajuraho is located-
North.Madhya Pradesh

12. Steel is increased to provide hardness?
Answer. Amount of chromium

13. Which city is situated on the banks of ganga

Who is called the father of the White Revolution in India?
north. To Verghese Kurien

15. Eminent cinematographer Prithviraj Kapoor and Rajkapoor have a relationship.
Answer: Father and Son

16. When does the water fall from the high level in the waterfall?
north. So his temperature increases.

Why did I Stein receive the Nobel Prize?
north. To explain the photoelectric effect

The Department of Posts has issued a commemorative postage stamp to mark the completion of 100 years of the bank in 0011?
Answer.Central Bank of India

19. A girl is swinging the hammock, another girl comes and sits down near her, so the period of the swing?
north. will remain unchanged

The Mughal emperor who spent 15 years in exile.
Answer. Humayun

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