A man was beaten by locals, secretly looking to a girl inside the bathroom

Jan 31 2019 02:54 PM
A man was beaten by locals, secretly looking to a girl inside the bathroom

Puducherry: on Wednesday, The incident occurred at Mary Uzhavarkarai road near Puducherry where a Peeping Tom was beaten by locals after he was seen looking inside a bathroom where a girl was bathing. The youth had brazenly stopped his motorcycle, stood on top of it, tore the paper on the bathroom window meant to safeguard privacy in the under-construction house and looked at the girl taking a bath. A house was being built and was located next to the main road. Its bathroom window faced the road . On Wednesday morning, a stranger stopped his bike near it. The accused then climbed on the bike’s seat and peeped inside the bathroom. As the window was near the road, it was easy to him to see inside the bathroom.

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However the accused seemed to have knowledge of the house’s layout as the occupants had pasted a paper on the window and ventilation area for privacy reasons. However, people out for a morning walk saw him outside the bathroom window and shouted. He quickly fled from the place on his motorcycle. As luck would have it, his bike is stopped a few feet from the house because of lack of petrol. He left his bike there and after a few hours, he came back with petrol in a bottle, filled the bike’s fuel tank and tried to start it.

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While Locals were already waiting for the culprit to come back for his bike and they caught him. The man was thrashed by the locals and handed over to Reddiyar Palayam police station. An investigation for the same is on and cops are also probing whether the man was an acquaintance of the residents as he seemed to know about the layout of the building.

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