A man shot himself to implicate another man
A man shot himself to implicate another man

Nowadays, there are many cases of crime that are shocking. As a matter of fact, a case has come to the fore that the case is being reported to Bhiwadi in Alwar district in Rajasthan. The complainant was today arrested by the police for allegedly shooting himself to implicate a young man in the case.

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According to reports, additional superintendent of Police Nazim Ali in the case today revealed the incident of a young man being shot to death, and told journalists that "the bullet-injured Mahesh Joshi killed himself with an illegal pistol and was slapped on the Iljam Praveen alias Titu and the police case After a thorough investigation, Mahesh was arrested. "While briefing the matter, Ali explained that" Mahesh and Praveen used to have a job in a boutique. Both of them disputed something on which Mahesh shot himself and accused him of being a genius. "

As it is not the first case, there have been a number of cases that have been surprising before. The investigation is currently underway in this case. Let all of you tell you that such cases come up and are strictly investigated.

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