Husband killed his wife then committed suicide
Husband killed his wife then committed suicide

A recent case of crime has surfaced from Narsinghpur. Reports found in the case, the Eid joys of a Muslim family living in the street No. 1 of the Raheraja Patel Colony at Sanakal Road, homologous district headquarters, were turned into weeds in the wake of family discord when a young man from the family killed his wife and then poisoned himself. Yes, as per the information received from the police in the case, "Sanakal Road resident Anwar Fatherly. Mo. Halim Khan Khalu Baba, 33 years on Thursday morning at about 6 a.m., called Doyle 100 and informed the police that I had poisoned myself by killing my wife. "

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After reports homologous Kotwali police arrived at the spot, the door of Anwar's house was locked from within, after police broke the two doors of the house in the presence of Anwar's younger brother Imran and the nearby sister, who entered Anwar's room. After that, the police observed that Anwar's wife Shabnam Khan was in a state of 30 years and Anavar was suffering from fainting. In this case, the police immediately rushed Anwar to the official district hospital, where he died during his treatment.

According to reports, the police said they had been given the case by Anwar who had poisoned himself after he was strangled by his wife Shabnam. The police are now awaiting a post mortem report in the case.

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