Man sets fire to his bike on middle road, you will be shocked to know the reason

Buxar: In Buxar in Bihar, a man burnt his motorcycle in the middle of the road. The incident took place in the Dumraon area. Here, when the motorcycle was burnt in the middle of the road, people were also shocked. The motorcycles kept burning and people kept making videos. It was immediately reported to the police. Police arrived at the scene and took the man to the police station.

During interrogation, the man said, "The motorcycle ran out of petrol while walking. So I burned it. It was of no use." The police were also surprised by the man's response. However, they sent the man home after questioning. Police said the man is a resident of Kharauli village in the Buxar district. He was going to Dumraon market for some work. Just then his motorcycle near the school ran out of petrol. He parked the motorcycle and set it on fire. Due to this, there was an atmosphere of chaos for an hour and the movement of trains was also affected.

In the same interrogation, the man told that the prices of petrol are skyrocketing. Buying petrol was making it more expensive in the wake of rising inflation. He was disturbed by the repeated filling of petrol in the motorcycle. Then now when the motorcycle suddenly stopped on the way, he got angry and burnt the motorcycle itself. This ended the hassle of buying petrol for him.

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