Will hemp and ganja protect you from corona? Shocking information revealed in new research

New Delhi: Cases of corona infection are on the rise in all countries of the world. The variants that are causing the most havoc in the current situation include delta variants and Omicron variants. Coming to India, 2 lakh 64 thousand new cases have been registered in the last 24 hours. This has taken the total active cases in the country to 12,72,073. With this, the number of omicron infected people has also increased to 5,753. Scientists are constantly researching to eliminate this virus. Recent new research has revealed that some compounds/compounds (Compounds) of cannabis/ganja (Cannabis or weed) can prevent corona infection.

This research by scientists explains the presence of chemical compounds in cannabis, which can prevent viruses from entering healthy human cells. The research has been conducted by scientists from Oregon state's Global Hemp Innovation Centre, College of Pharmacy and Linus Pauling Institute, published in the Journal of Natural Products. According to it, researchers are nowhere to say that cannabis or ganja (Cannabis or weed) can protect against corona. Rather, the study has been conducted on 2 compounds of cannabis, cannabigerol acid or CBGA and canabidiolilic acid or CBDA, which are present in cannabis.

Richard van Breemen, who researched with scientists at Oregon Health and Science University, says a pair of cannabinoid acids are capable of connecting to the spike protein of the coronavirus. This can prevent an important step in the biological process that corona uses to infect people. These compounds can be taken orally and humans have a long history of their safe use. They can prevent and treat infections by corona. He said 'these canbinoidacids get enough in many things of acid, cannabis and cannabis. It is not tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) i.e. a psychoactive substance that removes your control from your brain. Our study has shown that cannabis compounds were equally effective on the B.1.1.7 (alpha) variant of coronavirus found for the first time in the UK and variants found in South Africa B.1.351 (beta). States that compounds that have been talked about in research can be linked to both cannabigerol acid and canbidiolic acid virus spike proteins. These compounds can also be used in the treatment of corona vaccines and antibodies to target viruses.

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