Know today's Rahukal, Shubh Muhurat and Panchang

Jun 25 2019 08:37 AM
Know today's Rahukal, Shubh Muhurat and Panchang

Nowadays people are see the panchang than the horoscope, so today we have brought you today's panchang. Panchang is a knowledge of auspicious ominous times and one should read the panchang every day in the morning. It refers to the motion of the Sun and the Moon and at the same time it is said that Muhurat has its own special significance. Everything should be done in Shubh Muhurat and Abhijit Muhurat is very creditable for starting any task. Do not start any work in Rahukal. The moon is also of its own importance. 

Today's Calendar-

month- Aasad
Paksha- Krishn
Tithi- Saptami
Nakshatra: Purvabhadrapad
Karan-Vishti 01:0 pm
Sun Zodiac-Mithun, Swamigraha-Buddha
Lunar Zodiac, Swamigraha-Shani 08:20 pm After Pisces, Swamigraha-Guru
Sunrise - 05:27 am
sunset; 07:19 pm

Auspicious timing - Abhijit Muhurat -11:55 am to 12:51 pm
Unauspicious  timing- Rahukal - 07:30 AM to 09 PM

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