Aam Aadmi Party's Response to PM Modi's Statement on Winning 370 Lok Sabha Seats
Aam Aadmi Party's Response to PM Modi's Statement on Winning 370 Lok Sabha Seats

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson Priyanka Kakkar responded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement regarding the BJP's aim for 370 seats in the Lok Sabha elections, emphasizing the democratic principles of the country. "Prime Minister Modi's mention of 370 seats... but ultimately, it's the public's decision. In a democracy, power rests with the people. No leader's words alone can determine the outcome," Kakkar conveyed to the media.

Earlier, on February 5, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had projected confidence in his government's potential third term, stating that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) would secure 400 seats, with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) aiming for 370 seats individually. "After the successful construction of the Ram Temple, a symbol of Lord Ram, which revitalized India's rich tradition, our government's third term is imminent. With around 100 days remaining, the nation echoes 'Abki baar 400 paar'. While I refrain from speculating numbers, the country's sentiment is palpable. It's poised to propel the NDA beyond 400 seats, with BJP securing 370 seats," PM Modi remarked.

During the BJP's national convention on Saturday, a significant political resolution titled 'Viksit Bharat' highlighted the accomplishments under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership, projecting confidence in the government's return for a third consecutive term. The resolution outlined a roadmap for expanding welfare and development initiatives. The resolution applauded PM Narendra Modi for enhancing India's stature as a capable and resilient nation, envisioning a developed India by 2047.

Bharatiya Janata Party president JP Nadda urged party workers to exert maximum effort in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, aiming to surpass the 370-seat mark. Nadda expressed confidence in the Modi government's ability to secure a third term and set a new record. "Prior to 2014, our journey to forming the government was ridiculed. However, since 2014, we've successfully formed the government, and in 2019, we secured a majority once again," Nadda remarked.

The Chief Minister's Council meeting of BJP-ruled states is scheduled for Sunday, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President JP Nadda will participate at 3:30 pm in Bharat Mandapam.

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