Abdu Rozik tells MC Stan that he receives online trolling a lot
Abdu Rozik tells MC Stan that he receives online trolling a lot

The most recent Bigg Boss 16 episode featured a heartwarming interaction between Abdu Rozik and MC Stan. In front of Abdu, the well-known rapper from Pune who has been depressed for a few days was seen saying that he wanted to return home. He explained to Abdu that his life is better outside and that he is unable to stay in the house. He declares, "I don't want money or fame." Abdu is seen comforting MC Stan and making an effort to inspire him by sharing life lessons. He advises not to take things personally when people say them and to simply ignore them. "The negative comments I receive on Instagram from so many people, such as "hey you are kachra," "bad, very bad," and "bad," actually help me to be stronger. Sad moments can also occur in life; it can't always be joyful. My name is Abdu Rozik, and I am a celebrity outside of Bigg Boss, but inside it's just the same old, same old. I love Bigg Boss because I am learning so much about people and so many other things. As you work, clean, and complete your tasks, you are demonstrating your comprehension. Your fame and wealth won't last forever. You cannot always have others nearby while you are working "affirms Abdu.

In addition, the internet sensation explains that while in the outside world they have staff and people working for them, inside the Big Brother house they are just regular people and must complete all tasks independently.

In both the inside and the outside world, Abdu has charmed everyone. In a different exchange, Shalin Bhanot asks Abdu if it's okay if he wants to learn more about his personal life. Does the rest of his family have normal heights, he inquires. The only person who is shorter in height than his parents, siblings, and even younger brother is Abdu. Sajid Khan, on the other hand, adds right away that Abdu is the Star.

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