Shalin Bhanot explains to Sumbul how contestants of the house are linking them: Bigg Boss 16
Shalin Bhanot explains to Sumbul how contestants of the house are linking them: Bigg Boss 16

People are already forming strong bonds on Bigg Boss 16, which just started airing. The friendship between Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer is one of them. But Shalin was taken aback when Tina Datta recently inquired as to whether there was any sort of relationship developing between Sumbul and her. In the most recent episode, Shalin was seen giving Sumbul a similar amount when she was feeling weak.

He explained to her how few people in the home believe that a relationship between them is developing. Sumbul, who was depressed, broke down in tears. She spoke to Shalin and said she didn't like how people treated her like a child. She confides in him that she has experienced recent events that haunt her when she is by herself or doing nothing. Her words were, "Ghabrahat chalu hojaati hai."

Shalin explains to her that no one treats her like a child and that, in his opinion, she is the most responsible adult in the home—even more so than he is. Then he goes on to explain how people believe they are seeing each other. The shock hits Sumbul.

According to Shalin, "I respect all women greatly, and my family and friends are very significant to me. We are friends, and I've been meaning to mention this to you since yesterday. I was asked if there was anything between the two of us. I assured them that there was nothing like that and that we were just friends. She is an innocent, kind young lady. Your respect is very significant to me. Five more people can comment tomorrow after one person today.

Shalin learns from Sumbul that she had a gut feeling about him the moment she walked into the house and knew they would click. Because he makes her feel good whenever she feels lonely, she enjoys being with him. After the conversation, Shalin shrugs off Sumbul's attempt to find out who made the remark and states that it isn't that important. Sumbul feels better as a result of the conversation.

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