Loading vehicle full of baraatis falls from culvert, many killed, CM expresses grief
Loading vehicle full of baraatis falls from culvert, many killed, CM expresses grief

Alirajpur: A loading vehicle loaded with baraatis fell down from a culvert at village Kareti near Chandrashekhar Azadnagar in Alirajpur district of Madhya Pradesh. Three persons were killed in a heart-rending accident. The accident occurred late on Monday night. The loading vehicle went down while leaving the culvert, in which 3 baratis died on the spot, while about 20 persons were injured. Treatment of injured persons is currently underway. Azad Nagar police have registered a case and are investigating the case. The Chief Minister has condoled the untimely death of three persons.

According to the information received, Barati was coming to Azadnagar in a pick-up vehicle from village Bhutkhedi near Para in the Jhabua district. Due to this, the vehicle fell down from the culvert uncontrollably in the village Kareti on the way. Lala's father Ditiya, aged 60, Prakash's father Habu, 20, and Ankesh's father Magan Singh, who was travelling in the vehicle, died on the spot. On hearing the screams of the injured after the accident, people nearby rushed and called the ambulance.  

District Magistrate Raghvendra Singh, Jobat SDOP Neeraj Namdeo, SDM Kiran Anjana and other officials rushed to the spot as soon as the news of the accident was received. The District Magistrate has directed for proper treatment of the injured. According to the information received from the injured persons, the accident took place due to high speed. Due to high speed, the loading vehicle on the culvert in village Kareti fell down uncontrollably. The case is now being investigated by the police.  

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