Simi Grewal compares Mamata Banerjee to Joe Biden, says, 'Both suffered fractures and won'

The results of the elections in West Bengal have been announced. Once again, Mamata Banerjee's Government has come to Bengal. Mamata Banerjee held election rallies to win in Bengal and in the meantime she also suffered a leg injury. Well, if you remember, US President Joe Biden also suffered a leg injury during the elections. But despite the injury, he continued to move forward and won. The same thing happened to Mamata Banerjee. Simi Grewal has also tweeted on the same incident and congratulated Mamata Banerjee on her victory in her style.



She wrote in a tweet, "She got injury in her ankle during the campaign. Joe Biden also suffered an ankle injury during the campaign - both won! Think about it. 'Sticks and stones can break my bone, but my fight will continue". You can see Simi also shared a photo of a tweet together. The photo has a photo of a plastered foot on top of football, symbolically for Mamata Banerjee. Simi Grewal's frank style, however, has hit her at times.

She had earlier tweeted on the Royal Family of Prins Harry and Megan Markle. In fact, Simi shared an article interviewing a friend of Megan. In that article, Megan's friend said that the actress was always influenced by the Royal Family. Sharing the same article, Simi wrote, "There are many facts. You read it to get started. Because I don't respect women who break into the homes of others. It takes years for family and weddings to build trust. I can't believe even a word megan said. Not even a word. She is lying to show herself to be a victim. She is playing a apartheid card to get sympathy Ltd. She was trolled after her tweet".

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