Adarsh Iyengar Set to Illuminate Environmental Concerns with New Music Video BELAKE
Adarsh Iyengar Set to Illuminate Environmental Concerns with New Music Video BELAKE

Renowned singer Adarsh Iyengar, known for making deeply emotive and socially conscious contents, is once again harnessing the power of music to address pressing global issues. Following the success of impactful singles like "My Friend," celebrating the enduring bonds of friendship across oceans, "Jaya He" paying tribute to soldiers, "Forever" exploring the twists of fate, "Hope" shedding light on Vitiligo, and "Quit" confronting the scourge of drugs, Iyengar has announced his latest endeavor: a music video centered on environmental conservation.

In a world besieged by myriad challenges and dangers, the hazardous escalation of global temperatures stands out as a particularly grave threat to ecosystems and human well-being alike. With projections indicating that by 2030, 40% of the world's population will suffer from a lack of access to drinking water, the urgency of addressing environmental issues cannot be overstated. Already, there has been a significant increase in average temperatures each year, exacerbated by inadequate environmental protection measures.

Iyengar's forthcoming music video, titled "Belake," meaning "light" in Kannada, serves as a rallying cry for environmental preservation. Through stirring lyrics and evocative imagery, the song underscores the importance of prioritizing environmental conservation efforts, including tree planting, forest protection, and biodiversity preservation. As the title suggests, "Belake" reminds listeners of their responsibility to ensure that the light of nature continues to shine brightly alongside humanity.

In a statement accompanying the announcement of "Belake," Adarsh Iyengar emphasized the need for collective action in safeguarding the planet for future generations. "The world is facing numerous challenges and dangers," he remarked. "It is imperative that we prioritize environmental conservation to ensure the well-being of all life on Earth."

As anticipation builds for the release of "Belake," which is set to be released in Adarsh Iyengar’s Youtube Channel on 21st March 2024 on the ‘International Day Of Forests’,  fans eagerly await the opportunity to engage &  join the conversation surrounding environmental stewardship in Adarsh Iyengar's latest offering where he has sung the song and starred in the role.

The music video is directed by the renowned Sandalwood director, ‘Rakshith Thirthahalli’ while  the tunes by the music director ‘Hemanth Jois’  is all set to make audiences love the song more.  Iyengar has produced it under his home production banner, ‘Srikrishna Productions’. With his unwavering commitment to using music as a platform for positive change, Adarsh Iyengar continues to inspire audiences around the world to confront pressing global issues and work towards a more sustainable future.

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