Advocate Lakshay Goyal makes his mark as a rising influencer in the social media

The millennials and youngsters of today’s generation are smart enough to decide what they want to become. With social media having its wings spread across everywhere, it has seen many people make a successful career as an influencer, blogger and entrepreneur. Lakshay Goyal is one such young and talented mind who is one of the youngest social media influencer.Being active on social media platforms like Instagram has been quite beneficial for him. He has evolved as a very popular face of the digital world. Lakshay Goyal from Sunam, Punjab. As a Advocate and social media influencer, he is well-known as an emerging influencer in India, who is being appreciated by the whole of India.

Wondering who is Lakshay Goyal? Well, this young man was born in 1998 in Sunam, Punjab. From a very early age, he wanted to create a flourishing career for himself and, for that, focus on his studies to make it huge in his career. That is how Lakshay studied from the renowned university GNDU, Amritsar and became an advocate. Lakshay  has attained this height by taking time and learning to develop his own image. It's about going to new places, learning new things, and making a positive impact on your life. However, after practicing, Lakshay felt there was a need to do much more in life. Looking at the boom in the social media space, he decided to leverage the medium and capitalize on its tools to set foot into the industry as a young influencer.

His success can also be attributed to his passion for what he does, in addition to hard work and determination.   What does he create content on, you ask? Well, Lakshay confesses that food is where his heart is. Thus, he began creating content on food and has a page on Instagram, @foodyamritsar, for all the food lovers out there. Lakshay also creates content on fashion and lifestyle and makes sure to engage with more and more people through his relevant content as an influencer. Besides this, Lakshay also runs his page @gnduactivities as an admin, which is a page for the queries of students.

On the other hand, Lakshay Goyal has been highly influenced by the influencer culture and is spending significant time learning content creation and social media today he has stepped towards a golden future. His fans post comments about wanting to dress like him on each of his Instagram photos, and he has completely active on all social media. Growing up day by day amongst the creators, Lakshay Goyal has emphasized the idea of keeping working towards it, describing his position as far-sighted.Besides this, Lakshay also runs his page @gnduactivities as an admin, which is a page for the queries of students.

Lakshay Goyal does not just want to make waves as an advocate in the industry but also wants to shine bright as an influencer in social media, for which he has constantly been hustling. To know more, follow him on Instagram @lakshaygoyal1199. 

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