Why Vinoba Bhave is still remembered,
Why Vinoba Bhave is still remembered,

Vinoba has been here for 127 years. September 11 is his birth anniversary. Even if we leave this count of time and look at any corner of the world, are these great men still showing some way or other in the changed circumstances? Even though now those things are not applied in the same way as they were being explained and explained a hundred years ago, but the principles are eternal.

Many thinkers speak about Vinoba that his personality becomes superior to that of Gandhi. After Gandhi's departure, Vinoba, who truly defined Gandhi's idea of ​​Antyodaya in Sarvodaya, handled his legacy in the true sense. He had given indications of this to Gandhi and Gandhi is also giving him his approval with ease.

Vinoba was in jail. In prison, he was confronted with all the thoughts of the time. Vinoba, who loves solitude, makes this an opportunity to understand a variety of ideas. Vinoba writes 'The gentleness which is seen in Gandhi's people there, is found in other people also and the wickedness which is seen in others is found in them too. Then I found that gentleness is not a one-sided thing. After thinking a lot, he came to the decision that my work is not going to work by staying in a particular side or organization. I should only serve the public by staying apart from everyone.'

He presents this idea in front of Gandhi with the same ease, on which Gandhi used to say that 'I understand your meaning, you will serve and will not hold authority. That's all right.' And after this Vinoba withdraws himself from all the institutions which were very dear to him. This is the beginning of being Vinoba. Just as Gandhi's path does not lead to power even after getting independence, Vinoba also separates himself from the idea of ​​institutions.

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