After eating these things, tea should not be drunk even by mistake

If you get one cup of tea in a day, then the day is made. Many people have a habit of drinking tea and this habit is most famous especially among Indians. Many people drink it for its addiction and many people drink it for their hobby. Yes, let us tell you that 21st May is celebrated as International Tea Day.

Although it was being celebrated on 15 December till about 3 years ago, the Government of India, through the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, proposed International Tea Day in the year 2015, after accepting this day. The resolution was passed on 21 May 2019 and it was announced to celebrate the day. By the way, for those who are fond of tea, it is important to know everything about tea. Now today we are talking about which things should not be consumed immediately after consuming tea. This is important for everyone to know and everyone should read this news.

After what things do not drink tea-

* When you consume something cold, then tea should not be consumed immediately after that. Doing so can negatively affect the digestive system.
* If you have eaten lemon, that is, you have consumed lemon, then tea should not be consumed immediately after this. In fact, due to this, there may be a problem of flatulence or acidity.
* Tea should not be consumed after consuming gram flour products like cheela, dhokla etc. Doing so can also cause problems related to the digestive system.
* Avoid consuming tea immediately after having a meal. Yes, because it can cause problems related to blood pressure, which can also prove to be dangerous for the heart.

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