Corona wreaks havoc in Florida, figures crossed 2 million

Washington: Due to Corona epidemic worldwide, a situation of the crisis has been created. America is ranked first among the countries most affected by it. The coronavirus outbreak in the US state of Florida after New York is increasing rapidly. The state has reported 15,299 new patients in 24 hours. This is the new record of the new Corona case in Florida. According to information received from the Florida Department of Health, along with this, the coronavirus infection in the state has crossed 2,69,811. With this, the number of people who died from it has increased to 4346.

Two major reasons are believed to be behind the spread of corona. The first reason has been attributed to the steady increase in the number of trials in the state. The second important reason is the rapid spread of the virus due to laxity in lockdown measures in the state. Physical distance instructions were ignored. People were allowed to gather in the crowd. The rules of physical distance were dismantled from this crowd. 

Till Sunday, 2,574,007 citizens have been tested in Florida. Out of this, the number of people coming positive has been 269,811. During the last two weeks, the number of patients has increased from 11.24 percent to 18.271 percent. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has expressed concern over the spread, saying it is a serious situation. In the same case of COVID-19, America continues to be the first place in the global list. Most of Corona's patients are in America. The figure of corona infects has crossed 3,413,995. And till now the number of people who died due to this has been 1,37,782. So far 41,010,213 have been investigated in the country. America is the most affected by the Corona epidemic and efforts are being made continuously to deal with it.

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