China infiltrates economically weak countries to attain power: Reports

Kathmandu: Corona has caused a lot of stir around the world and in the meantime, these days the political stir in Nepal has become very fast. Prime Minister of Nepal, KP Oli is in the process of forming his government. Due to rhetoric against India, Oli has been badly criticised in his own party, the Nepal Communist Party (NCP). Now his party leaders are demanding his resignation. For this, meetings of the party committee held several times.

The meeting of the Standing Committee of Nepal Communist Party has been postponed for a week once again on Friday. But meanwhile, China's interference in Nepal's political situation is clearly seen. Ambassadors of China are constantly holding meetings between Nepal's government and party leaders for reconciliation. Protests have increased in Nepal regarding this, but KP Oli is strict against India and his reaction to China is very soft.

It is being claimed that China has a special strategy for Nepal, under which it is plotting. It has been said in a report that, using corrupt leaders of economically weaker countries, China infiltrates that country and Nepal is an example of that.

According to the report, this policy not only enables Chinese companies to increase their business profits in that country, but also provides an opportunity for China to interfere in the politics of that country. It has been alleged in the report, that the personal wealth of Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has increased in the last few years, which he has allegedly collected abroad as the leader of the Communist Party of Nepal.

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