Teacher hanged after student's suicide

Karur: A class XII student recently committed suicide in Karur, Tamil Nadu, citing sexual abuse as the reason. However, the young woman did not accuse anyone. Now, a day after the incident, the young woman's maths teacher has hung himself. A 42-year-old teacher named Sarwanan said in a suicide note that after the girl's death, everyone started suspecting him and the students started teasing him citing the cause of the girl's death. Worried about all this, he has taken this step.

Significantly, the student who committed suicide did not name anyone in her suicide note. She wrote- Hope I will be the last girl to commit suicide in Karur district. I am scared to name the person behind my decision to commit suicide.

Police investigating the death of the student have already questioned Sarwanan and other school staff. Sarwanan, after interrogation, was so tense that he too took the step of suicide. In this case, the police officers say that we had no doubt about Sarwanan. Other students told us that Sarwanan was a tough teacher but could not sexually abuse us. Sarwanan hung himself at his father-in-law's house in Trichy the previous night.

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