AI tool creates funny picture of Indian cricketers
AI tool creates funny picture of Indian cricketers

The less we talk about ChatGpt today, the more we talk about it. In fact, for the past several days, the trend of ChatGpt is growing rapidly all over the world, be it a child or an adult, everyone is using it more and more often, that's all. No, now even in big colleges and schools, projects are being completed through ChatGpt. Although it may sound very strange that today everyone likes to get the work done through ChatGpt. 

ChatGpt is being used even in the biggest offices, be it content related areas or AI generated photos, it has become popular everywhere, and why not after all, it has so many specialties. Yes, read it right, you are getting to see more than one feature in ChatGpt and AI tool, whether you want to write something on anything or make a picture of someone, it can complete every task in a very easy and fun way. gives. 

Recently, with the help of AI tool, some funny pictures of Indian team cricketers have been made, these pictures are so funny that they are being talked about everywhere on social media. Now you too must be wondering how this can happen, then let us tell you that a very beautiful and funny picture of Indian team captain Rohit Sharma has been created through AI tool, in which he is seen holding a plate of breakfast in his hands. Is giving. 

Let us talk about Virat Kohli, the former captain of the Indian team, who has been made so funny through AI tool that his stomach has come out of his T-shirt. Not only this, if we talk about the picture of Ravindra Jadeja, his thick cheeks are visible in which he looks very good.

Now if we talk about Hardik Pandya, a plate of food is visible in his hand. In which he is seen carrying a tasty dish.

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