She used to be an anchor in Medical shows, now signed 3 Bhojpuri films

Sep 11 2019 03:36 PM
She used to be an anchor in Medical shows, now signed 3 Bhojpuri films

Everyone knows that dreams are seen by all, but only some are fulfilled. Aimi Suhana's dream is fulfilled. She has done three films together, that too in the main lead. The shooting of some of these films is completed. These Bhojpuri films are 'Commando', 'Gang of Gawar' and 'My Khote Sikke Sher Hein'. All three films are directed by eminent director Amit Saraf. Aimi Suhana (Mahi) says that she wanted to become an actress since childhood. But the family wanted me to become a doctor.

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She was a doctor for 6 months at Mahi Mahavir Hospital Patna, Dhaka, near Motihari, Bihar. She has a bachelor's degree for four years. Then she became the anchor in almost all the medical shows of Bihar. She has done more than 2000 medical shows. For which she also got the award. The family members supported Mahi.  She is credited with launching Motihari's famous director Amit Saraf. Amit Saraf saw her on Facebook and when he came to know that Mahi is from Motihari, he decided to give her a chance in his film.

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In her statement, Mahi says that "My neighbours also wanted me to become a doctor and not actress. But now I am in acting. Mahi topped in her medical exams with good marks said that she wanted to become a heroine from the age of four. Studying in medical has made her a strong person and has strengthened her dreams of becoming an actor. Mahi likes Susmita Sen among the actresses and she is a huge fan of Salman. She expresses her heartfelt gratitude to Amit Saraf and says that he is an amazing director. She says there is no shortage of talent in Bihar, they just need to give them a chance.

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