Ajit Pawar told in an open letter why he left uncle Sharad Pawar?
Ajit Pawar told in an open letter why he left uncle Sharad Pawar?

Mumbai: Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has written an open letter on Sunday night revealing the entire reason for changing sides and joining hands with Bharatiya Janata Party and Shiv Sena. NCP chief Ajit Pawar has shared this letter on his social media handle. In this letter, he said that his working style is similar to that of PM Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Without naming names, he stressed that he had no intention of disrespecting elderly people.

According to NCP leader Ajit Pawar's open letter, he wrote, I found the development work being done in this country under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah important. I like his leadership and steps to take right decisions for the country, because my working style and his working style are very similar. We have more love for work and I felt that with them (PM and Home Minister) I will be able to implement my future development plans at the ground level. I have decided my role in this alliance for the development of Maharashtra and after we came to power, the development works have gained momentum.

I have always had a feeling of respect for elders, my intention is not to disrespect elders and senior citizens. Rather, my idea is how to improve the standard of living of the people in the future. I have a feeling of taking my colleagues along and giving opportunities to the youth at different places. Even today I have just taken a stand, my clear stand is that if there is power then all the development work in the state including the assembly constituency will be done at a fast pace. I want to assure the people of the state that the Nationalist Congress Party will avoid personal criticism of anyone and will present the blueprint of development to the people of the state. I had no intention of disrespecting anyone and will not be disrespectful. The Maharashtra Deputy CM said that his decision is not to backstab the party but to ensure that the people of Maharashtra get all the basic and fundamental facilities.

In his letter he further wrote that since the year 1991, I have been progressing in political life in the true sense. There was a lot of discussion on who brought me into politics, who gave me ministerial post, who gave me opportunities. Actually, I got my opportunity in politics by chance. At that time, there was a need for a youth for leadership at the state level, so as a family member, I got that opportunity. After getting the opportunity, I worked hard day and night to take advantage of that opportunity and ignored all other responsibilities. I dedicated myself to social work, a journey that has been going on for more than three decades.

He made it a habit to start work at 5 in the morning, because social, creative and developmental work should be started early in the time available. I always tried to improve the quality of life of the voters who loved and reposed their faith in me. I humbly appeal to all the respected citizens to come with me on this path of development, seek the blessings of the elderly people. Let us tell you that he had posted this letter on social media after addressing a rally of farmers in Baramati on Sunday. In this rally, he said that most of the people in India want to make PM Narendra Modi the PM again for the third time and everyone in the ruling coalition of Maharashtra is working towards this goal.

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