Akshara carries Shivansh and searches for his parents, 1st September, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Akshara carries Shivansh and searches for his parents, 1st September, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

In the current episode, Abhimanyu queries Shivansh about what he is gazing at. However, Akshara moves as he points at her. There is no one there, according to Abhimanyu after casting a glance in that direction. Akshara stops him when he starts playing his flute because it sounds like Krishna telling Radha to stop. Shivansh falls into a flower basket as Parth and Shefali are preoccupied with phone calls. When Abhimanyu notices Shivansh is gone, he calls out his name. Parth and Shefali worry as well. Akshara wonders whose baby it is after discovering it. Vansh and Akhilesh intervene when Manish starts to yell at someone. Manish begs them to leave him alone and claims that if Kairav had been present, he would have handled matters.

While crying, Abhimanyu looks for Shivansh. While carrying Shivansh, Akshara looks for his parents. Then, Manish tells everyone that Kairav and Akshara must be okay after hearing a song that Kairav had decimated to him on the radio. Maya searches for Akshara when a select few girls ask her to sing. The man asks Akshara to sit down as she brings Shivansh close to the competition. She admits that the child is not hers, but the competition has already begun. When Shivansh refuses to eat the butter, Akshara compliments him on being a wonderful young man. As the project is about to be finished, Abhimanyu senses Akshara's presence.

Akshara informs the man that the child is not hers and requests that he issue a statement before delivering the child to her after verification. When he makes the announcement, Abhimanyu bolts to his feet. Akshara is invited by Dr. Kunal to sing, and she departs with him. Shivansh is taken by Abhimanyu, who is informed by the man that a woman dropped him off. Thank you, whoever dropped Shivansh, Abhimanyu says. When Akshara comes back and inquiries about the baby, the man replies that their family has arrived. She smiles as she observes his toys.

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