Alert regarding Corona virus in Himachal, instructions issued to set up Isolation Ward

Jan 29 2020 05:57 PM
Alert regarding Corona virus in Himachal, instructions issued to set up Isolation Ward

The state government has warned about the coronavirus. Apart from this, the government has instructed to set up Isolation wards in medical colleges. At present, the patient has not yet come to the state, but the government has asked people to take precautions on its behalf. The same Health Minister Vipin Singh Parmar said that people should seek the advice of doctors in the winter season for diseases such as cough, cold, runny nose, and body ache. Apart from this, there is an atmosphere of chaos in the Isolation ward created by the Coronavirus at Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital.

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Medicine ward patients are admitted in this eight-bed ward of the hospital. The hospital administration claimed to have created an isolation ward only for corona virus patients. In such a situation, now a questionable patient comes to the largest hospital in Himachal Pradesh, IGMC, then the question of whether he will be treated with these patients is starting to arise. It was found that around three to four women patients are admitted in the ward. Doctors are giving treatment to the patients, while according to the rules, this ward should be provided only for the patients affected by the corona virus.

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Currently, the ICU has ventilator facilities along with this ward, where apart from three ventilators, there is a ventilator to move around. The same has happened in Mohali, Chandigarh since the arrival of the suspected patient. In such a situation, if the patient from foreign countries is found in Himachal, then due to incomplete arrangements of hospital management, the problem of the rest of the patients may increase. Apart from this, the disease will be admitted soon - Senior Medical Superintendent of IGMC, Dr. Janakraj told that if this virus is found in a patient from Himachal Pradesh from outside country, it will be immediately entered in the Isolation Ward after investigation. It is said that if such a patient does not come, then the rest of the patients will be given treatment like routine here.

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