Alert issued in these states amid bird flu knock

Shimla: The bird flu crisis has also increased amid the threat of rising omicron variants in India. After the bird flu cases in Kerala and Rajasthan, there is also a bird flu crisis in Himachal Pradesh, as the arrival of nomadic birds in Himachal Pradesh has started these days, meaning that other regions and exotic birds have started coming. Tell us that in the winter season, foreign birds come in the water bodies of Himachal in huge statistics. Due to which, there is now a bird flu crisis in Himachal also. The Himachal Animal Husbandry Department has been alerted amid the bird flu crisis. And instructions have been issued to the people to take precautions.

However, no case of bird flu has been reported in Himachal so far. But the department has issued guidelines to the precautionary people. In the capital Shimla too, doctors of animal husbandry branch of municipal corporation Shimla Neeraj Mohan have also issued instructions to the people to take precautions due to the possibility of bird flu. He said, however, no case of bird flu has been reported in Himachal so far. But bird flu has hit Kerala and Rajasthan. In the same winter season, extremely foreign parindas come to the reservoir in Himachal. Due to which the possibility of bird flu is maintained. Meanwhile, the department has issued instructions to the people to take precautionary measures. He has said that the department does not supply any kind of chicken or meat without samples to any part of the capital Shimla. Nevertheless, it is very important for them to be a little careful during the winter season. He urged the people to be vigilant.

No human being in India has been diagnosed with bird flu:-
He also said that if more than one bird is reported to have died around them in any area, they should immediately contact the animal husbandry department so that they can be sent to Jalandhar National Laboratory Bhopal for laboratory tests. To prevent bird flu infection. He has said that the main symptoms of world flu are the difficulty of running nose and breathing in a person. If a person has such a problem, he can immediately go to the nearest hospital and get his test done by a doctor. He said that no person in India has been diagnosed with bird flu so far. But if there is any possibility or symptom of bird flu, they can immediately consult the doctors and get treatment.

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