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The pace of the growth of modern-age businesses relies heavily on the level of digitisation that the company is exposed to. Whether you like it or not, establishing digital credentials of your businesses, products, services, companies, etc is the only way to ensure that maximum potential customers get to see them. After all, you can only sell what people can see. To accomplish that, Finndit has worked tirelessly and developed the digital infrastructure and platform where over 21 lakh businesses are already listed within the last 2 years. 

Such is the level of growth that Finndit is experiencing itself, while helping the MSME sector to expand its business operations and footprint across the country simultaneously. With the arduous aim of organising the widespread local shops, stores, and family-run business establishments, Finndit was founded in 2020. It enabled the small-scale business owners to advertise their companies, products and services on the internet without spending an exorbitant amount of money on digital advertisement.

This model appealed to a whole bunch of companies and they listed their products on the Finndit platform. Within a few months, they experienced an exponential influx of consumers finding their businesses. This propelled their growth and revenues to an unprecedented high. In addition to that, their products were attracting demand from pan India because of the digital nature of the advertisement. Hence, the footprint of these businesses expanded within a brief period of time. 

Not to mention, the users also discovered a new tool to look for local shops and stores in their vicinity from the comfort of their homes. What is impressive is the fact that while listing your company on Finndit, you are required to submit information like location, phone number, email address, website, working hours, etc. This allows the potential customers to enquire about their queries in advance. That led to the mass adoption of the Finndit app. 

You could also opt for a verified listing for a small fee. Once your business listing is verified, the chances of people transacting with you enhance tremendously. People generally like to deal with verified listings on the internet. There is a certain trust that is established when they see a verified business on the internet because everyone is aware of all the scams that are running on the internet these days. That is why getting the verified tag against the name of your business could cause people to interact with you more readily.

The main issue why most MSMEs dont opt for such digital services is because of the crazy amount of money that is being charged. Small vendors and business owners cant spend so much amount to digitise their business. Finndit understands this and offers affordable solutions. With that, you also get additional tools like, business website, content management, digital PR, digital brochures and flyers, social media management, SEO, photoshoots, video shoots, digital banners, digital marketing, graphics, google listing, blogs, sub-category banners and much more. 

Taking advantage of these tools, the businesses are bound to get hits on the internet while establishing their identity in the digital space. People look for all the services and businesses near them online. Hence, the discoverability of your local business is increased manifold. Finndit is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS, as well as a desktop website.

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