Amazon says, FTC probe hounding Bezos, execs; subpoenas too broad

Amazon has complained to federal regulators that they are pursuing "impossible-to-satisfy demands" from company founder Jeff Bezos and senior executives as part of their investigation into Amazon Prime, the well-known streaming and shopping service with free worldwide shipping that has an estimated 200 million subscribers.

The largest online retailer and tech giant revealed in a petition to the agency filed earlier this month that the Federal Trade Commission has been looking into the sign-up and cancellation procedures of Amazon Prime since March 2021.
The petition requests that the FTC dismiss or postpone the deadline for Bezos, the former CEO of Amazon, and Andy Jassy, the current CEO, subpoenas that were issued in June. When it can get the same information from other witnesses and documents, the FTC, according to the statement, "has discovered no justifiable basis for obtaining their testimony."

In July 2021, Jassy succeeded Bezos as CEO of Amazon, one of the wealthiest people in the world. As executive chairman, Bezos.

According to Amazon, the FTC inquiry has expanded to at least five more subscription services, including Audible, Amazon Music, Kindle Unlimited, Subscribe & Save, and an unnamed third-party service that is not provided by Amazon. In addition to other client data, the regulators are requesting from the corporation information about the number of customers who were registered in the programmes without their consent. According to the petition, agency personnel attempted to serve subpoenas on roughly 20 current and former Amazon workers in June, notifying them of dates when they would be required to provide testimony.

Amazon claims in the petition that for more than a year it has cooperated "diligently" with FTC officials to provide material important to the investigation, offering up about 37,000 pages of records. It describes the subpoenaed information as "overly broad and onerous."

The impasse is attributed by Amazon to "unexplained pressure put on staff to finish the study quickly, by an arbitrary determined deadline."

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