Ambedkar did not consider Gandhi as 'Mahatma', preferred to advocate for British

New Delhi: Today is the death anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, who contributed significantly to the constitution of the country. Born on 14 April 1891, Ambedkar devoted his entire life to the upliftment of Dalits. But, relations between Ambedkar and Gandhi were never cordial. Even Ambedkar did not consider Gandhi as a Mahatma. At the same time, he was scared of the British leaving India. For this reason, he flatly refused to join Gandhi's Bharat Chhodo movement. Ambedkar did not want the country to get complete independence at once. 

Ambedkar was alike a cabinet minister under British rule:-

In fact, on August 8, 1942, when Gandhiji, along with a crowd of thousands at Bombay's Gowalia Tank Maidan, resolved to demand complete independence and gave the slogan of 'do or die' to the people, the whole country wanted to get down on the ground to make the dream of freedom come true. But, on the other hand, Bhimrao Ambedkar was not a supporter of the movement. During the then-British rule, Ambedkar was a member of the Viceroy's Council, which holds the status of a cabinet minister today. Ambedkar's critics say that he preferred to advocate for the British.

Why did Ambedkar want to work with the British?

Famous French political scientist Christophe Jafrello has written a book on the biography of Ambedkar, the first law minister of independent India. According to his book, Ambedkar was fearful of the British leaving India. In fact, when the Bharat Chhodo movement was going on, at the same time the world was also facing the brunt of the Second World War. The whole world had seen the brutality of Japan and Germany in the war during that time. Ambedkar believed that the fascism of the Japanese and the Nazis was far more dangerous than the British. Therefore, considering all this, Ambedkar decided to work together with the British.

Ambedkar used to recruit Dalits in the British Army:-

Baba Saheb Ambedkar had the command of the Labor Department in the country during the Bharat Chhodo Movement. During his stay as a member of the Viceroy's Council, Ambedkar made many laws for the people of the lower classes. He started the recruitment of Dalits in the British Army. He believed that more work could be done for the upliftment of Dalits only during British rule. He was in favor of independence, but at the same time, he also wanted that the country should get independence gradually so that when complete independence is achieved, Dalits should be empowered like other sections of the society.

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